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Do You Provide a Warranty?

do you provide a warranty
Often we get asked the question, “Do you provide a warranty?” Actually, there can be multiple warranties when purchasing products and/or services from us.  Let’s begin with product warranties.  New products that we sell come with their own warranty.  These warranties typically do not cover normal wear/tear but do cover defects in materials or workmanship that cause the product to fail before its life.  The life of a product is limited to the normal span of time that a particular product can be expected to function properly.  We keep records of all warranties for the products we sell.  If we determine that a product fails while under warranty we will replace it without cost if that product was purchased from us.

A second warranty has to do with our service.  While not a physical, touchable entity, you can rest assured that the work we perform is warrantied.  The terms of the warranty are available for you to view by reading our Warranty Information document.   Ask for this during our next visit with you.

We Are a Drug-Free Work place

we are a drug-free work place
To ensure the safety of your family, you, and our staff, we are a drug-free workplace.  We perform random drug tests of all of our employees, on a regular basis.  We want our staff to remain focused on the task of providing you with excellent service in a timely manner, and we strongly believe that drugs have no place in that equation.

Why Our Liability Insurance is Important

why our liability insurance is important
We think that you should know why our liability insurance is important.  When a business has sufficient liability insurance, it means that they are willing to pay for the risk of having them come to perform a service for you.  Let’s say that while fixing your outside HVAC unit, a screwdriver drops from the technician’s ladder and when he goes to grab for it in mid-air, the tool flies into one of your windows, breaking it.  Do you want to be responsible to pay for a window that you didn’t break?  I am sure you don’t.  That’s why we carry sufficient insurance . . . because we care enough about you and your possessions that if we break something, it will get fixed without you paying for it.  Enough said.  🙂

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